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My Mission: Standing strong on the principle that everyone deserves the chance to rejuvenate, relax, and renew themselves, our goal is to provide both short and long-term relief from the stresses of daily life and chronic discomfort.


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Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is likely what you think of when you consider massage. Oils or lotions are used with traditional massage techniques to help improve circulation, relieve aches and pains, decrease stress, and much more.

This form of massage is used in all the sessions that can be booked with us. Think of it as more of a warming-up technique.

Myofascial Rolling and Lifting

This technique is used for two primary purposes. One, to improve local myofascial tissue dysfunction, and two, to influence the autonomic nervous system, which regulates essential functions of the human body like heart rate and digestion. The use of this technique during your session will work to stimulate sensory receptors located through the muscle, fascia, and connective tissues. It helps the tissues recover, as well as to help relieve pain and increases circulation.

Orthopedic Massage

Chronic stress can cause shortened muscles. Muscle tightness results in tension and discomfort in your body. Focusing on the deeper tissues, orthopedic massage (sometimes referred to as medical massage) is effective for releasing that tension. Using a combination of slow techniques such as Neuromuscular Therapy, Swedish cross-fiber friction, stretching, Deep Tissue massage, and more, the body has time to respond during therapy.

The combination of techniques that work deep tissue may cause discomfort. Please let me know if you are feeling uncomfortable at any time during the massage. Soreness after treatment is possible, so stay hydrated and keep moving for maximum benefit.

Intraoral Massage

Intraoral massage (As defined by the WA Dept of Health) means the manipulation or pressure of soft tissue inside the mouth or oral cavity for therapeutic purposes.

For those with TMJ, migraines, teeth grinding, trouble swallowing, whiplash, and similar problems, intraoral massage can be performed on the muscles on the jaw and neck as well as those inside the mouth.

I have received my endorsement to practice Intraoral Massage from the State of Washington.


This massage is specifically for seniors. It will increase your blood circulation, relieve aches and pains and ease and extend motion in your joints. Just by providing physical touch, massage can alleviate loneliness and even symptoms of depression.


Your baby makes incredible physical and emotional demands during pregnancy. This massage uses methods that are specifically designed to relieve your pain and joint discomfort. It also provides emotional well-being, improved breathing, and relaxation.

Chair Massage

This is an on-location massage. I bring massage therapy to you! I bring an ergonomic chair to your location and provide a brief massage over your clothing. I can come to your work or home, making this easy to fit into your day.

Toss the Clock!

This type of massage session has no set time limit. It is a time for you to stop the constant running around involved in everyday life. We will work together to bring you back into balance. Whatever it takes, we will work towards reducing stress, relieving anxiety and/or pain, increasing your range of motion, and creating an overall sense of wellbeing.

We will set a start time, but the end time depends on what it takes to bring you back to homeostasis!

If you need to focus on yourself and just need an overall overhaul, book this massage.

Kinesio Taping

The Kinesio Taping® Method is a technique using latex-free, long-wearing tape to rehab or support muscles. This is sometimes used for athletes after an injury.

If you have been evaluated and diagnosed by a doctor (or other medical professional) with an injury, please bring supporting documentation to your appointment for review. Please contact me before scheduling an appointment for Kinesio Taping®.

This technique is offered as either an add-on to a regular session, or it can be scheduled solely by itself.

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